I'm Sophie and I'm 19 and living in North London, I am hoping to study illustration this year. I have also been in recovery from anorexia nervosa since May 2011 and this is my little blog of what I get up to day to day.

The illness taught me a lot, I learned to trust myself and am slowly learning to love myself for who I am and not be constantly controlled by food.

I suffered badly and it nearly took away everything I had. I like to think I can offer help and advice to anyone suffering or at least can just be there to listen if you need to talk. My ask is open :-)

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Guys I will be living here next year..

this is all happening so fast!

Woo got my first choice for accommodation next year!!

It’s a large double bed room with a en-suite, in the student village eeek :’)

and I share a flat with 7 people so super nervous

I have a while now until any appointments and normally that would have made me scared

but now, I’m relieved

I feel like I am slowly getting to the stage where I don’t need treatment

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Im not saying this to be rude, just make you aware but white people dreading their hair is offensive & culturally appropriative so I suggest researching it first just cause you seem a lovely person and Im sure you dont want to upset anyone xx
sophie-melissa sophie-melissa Said:

I have heard this before and personally think it’s ridiculous.

I know you mean well, but honestly if someone is offended by me having a dread in my hair they need to look at their life from another angle x

Asker Anonymous Asks:
your hair is a similar colour to cara delevingnes xx
sophie-melissa sophie-melissa Said:


I’ll take this as a massive compliment as I love her, I don’t agree though and I wish I had her face to match aha x

Hey! I had a few dreadlocks before I cut my hair and I loved it :) I put charms in and you can dye your dreads or wrap them.
sophie-melissa sophie-melissa Said:

ooo that sounds so nice, I love the whole dying them / beads and things, I want to put a few in my hair just not sure the best way to do it x

Asker Anonymous Asks:
You should wear lipstick more often! It really suits you!
sophie-melissa sophie-melissa Said:

Thank you so much, I wore it most days in France but I feel like it looks too much sometimes and I also hate eating with lipstick on and I eat 90% of the time I go out..which is frustrating. I wish I was better at makeup! x

if you're wanting to go daring colours directions are really good because they wash out quickly and would propbably take as your hair is quite fair :)
sophie-melissa sophie-melissa Said:

i just lightened this time but maybe I will add some colour at some point! I would lean towards the really temporary ones though! x

The ‘half disappointing’ result of hair dye attempt number 1!

I left it in for longer than it said on the box and to be honest it didn’t make too much of a difference, I should have chosen a lighter shade but there seemed to be a massive jump between that one and the lighter ones in the boots in town, so I stuck with this one. In the sun there is a definite change and I can tell it’s lighter, I like it but next time I will probably choose a lighter shade and leave it in for the same times. I enjoyed it though!

(ignore the overly pink lips, I was playing around with it and not leaving the house dw)