I'm Sophie and I'm 19 and living in North London, I am hoping to study illustration this year. I have also been in recovery from anorexia nervosa since May 2011 and this is my little blog of what I get up to day to day.
 I suffered badly and it nearly took away everything I had. I like to think I can offer help and advice to anyone suffering or at least can just be there to listen if you need to talk. Ask me Anything!
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I already posted this on my Instagram but felt like my tumblr needed it to as it’s something that has been a long time coming for this blog! I can’t believe how much had changed in the last three months! I went in to ip on the 4th of July and was discharged on the 24th of September. I’m not quite recovered yet but I am so close and that excites me sooooo much! Thank you so much to everyone that has supported me your all fabulous !! 💕😊 xx

As you know Jess this brought tears to my eyes!! I love you and am so unbelievably proud of you 💛

So glad that you have finally found a uni you're happy & comfortable in Soph :)
sophie-melissa sophie-melissa Said:

Aw I have and it makes me so happy! It’s like a progression from my foundation but a better course and that is exactly what I wanted! Plus I love being in this environment, so happy with this uni :)

I can’t really think of an update to put on here, apart from the fact I’ve been ordering pizza with friends, going out, eating cookies, getting milkshakes from the milkshake shop..

The people here are so arty and lovely, have met some wonderful people since moving.

I’m also no longer scared of dairy if that’s not clear aha, in fact brought cheese today and am loving feeling so free around food!!

I went exploring 🌴🌲

The campus I live on is massive, and set in the grounds of an old manor house (which is still on campus) and the campus I study on is set in tropical gardens and a 5 min walk from the beach.

This really is perfect.

Ignore how out of it I look, but freshers ball <3

i am so so glad you are having the good time you deserve xxx
sophie-melissa sophie-melissa Said:

Thank you!! It’s so nice to start to feel at home somewhere and have met some lovely people xx

I have such a horrible flatmate

Such lovely weather, went for a stroll around the beaches during our break 👍

Think the walk woke me up a bit, no idea how I’ll survive the next 4 hour lecture though..

I guess you can tell it’s uni when you got carried home at 2 in the morning, ate more pizza than you could manage AND have to go to lectures on art history all day the next morning

Then it’s freshers ball, so all over again? 🙈


On a roll guys (it was a bday this time)