I'm Sophie and I'm 19 and living in North London, I am hoping to study illustration this year. I have also been in recovery from anorexia nervosa since May 2011 and this is my little blog of what I get up to day to day.
 I suffered badly and it nearly took away everything I had. I like to think I can offer help and advice to anyone suffering or at least can just be there to listen if you need to talk. Ask me Anything!
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I actually feel good about myself today 😊

  1. little-beauty said: you look beautiful xxxx
  2. amy-gets-better said: you look absolutely gorgeous :) x
  3. justsmile-jessica said: You looks so pretty ! Xx
  4. est-illaliberte said: WOO!!!!!!!! IT’S MY LAST DAY OF WORK TODAY - MISS YOU <3
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